Basics of Dog Grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Nothing beats a tidy, good-smelling dog; especially if all you want to do is cuddle him and play with him indoors. Isn’t it also nice to parade him around looking fresh and trimmed? Below are the essential ways of dog grooming.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Brush Your Dog

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat will help prevent him from frequently shedding and you can also assess your dog’s health and the state of his body. Through brushing, you may be able to check if there are lumps, if there are fleece and if there is something wrong with the shape of the dog’s body. The ultimate aim of brushing is to keep your dog’s coat in good condition and tangle-free. However the frequency of brushing depends on the coat of your dog and how much it sheds.

If your dog sheds a lot, you might want to use shed-control shampoo. Wash your dog once a week until the shedding reduces. If your dog has fleece, you should shampoo your dog using the anti-fleece shampoo. In other words, use a shampoo that best fits the needs of your pet.

Always Trim Your Dog’s Nails

To keep your dog’s paws healthy, it is important to trim its nails regularly. This may seem to be difficult and challenging, but with a little practice and more patience, this activity will be a breeze to you. If it is your first time, take it steady and slow. Make sure to only cut the nails outside of the quick. The quick is the inner part of the nail that is still alive. So just cut the tips. If you accidentally cut the quick, you may find it difficult and your dog is also hesitant to have its nail cut.

To make dog nail cutting easier, make it a fun activity for him. Once your dog’s nails have been clipped already, do not forget to give him a treat. Also, no matter how difficult and struggling this activity is for you, keep a positive energy and make it enjoyable for him. Remember that your dog can sense frustration and other emotions. Showing this part to him may make him hesitant the next time. Once he is enjoying and knows there is a treat waiting for him, this activity is something that he will look forward to.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Clean the Coat of Your Dog

Dog bathing is an important activity in dog grooming. Remember that dirty coat may lead to your dog suffering from secondary skin infections. Risking your dog to this may lead to serious health issues in the future. Dog bathing depends on the breed and activities. If you and your pet is highly active and loves to play outdoors or if your dog loves to play in the mud, bathing him with a mild shampoo should be a bit frequent that those dogs who only stay indoors.

Also, keep in mind that while your dog’s coat may grow beautifully, this is still subject to the groomer for trimming. Have your dog’s coat regularly trimmed so as not to give discomfort to your dog. Remember that the longer your dog’s coat is, this may cause irritation to its toes and may also cause him to not seeing properly due to its long coat. And since the coat is too long from not trimming, the coat may sweep debris like grass and sticks which may then cause discomfort to your pet.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Do Not Forget Your Dogs Ears

It is not just humans who need ear cleaning. Your dog needs this too! Inspecting the ears of your dog regularly can help you pinpoint your dog’s health immediately. Cleaning your dog’s ears is fairly simple as long as it does not suffer from infections or damaged. To know if your dog has infections, look for any thick waxy material, scabs or wounds, drainage of fluid from the ear or any scratches. If you see this, head to your vet immediately and stop the cleaning of the ears.

To clean your dog’s ears at home, mix equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Make sure that it is at room temperature. Dip a cotton ball or a cloth into the mixture; make sure that the cloth or cotton is not dripping wet. If it is, wring the cloth and remove the excess mixture. Gently swab it inside your dog’s ear flap. Make sure to gently clean it as rubbing alcohol can sting any broken skin.

If you are not comfortable in doing this, you may always visit his veterinarian or groomer to have his ears cleaned. Also, if you think that the vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixture is too harsh for your dog, there are commercial ear cleaning solutions you can always purchase in the market today.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

An important part of the overall pet grooming process is brushing the teeth of your dog. Keeping your dog’s breath good is an important reason to brush it regularly. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can give lots of benefits too aside from a fresh breath. It can boost the health of your dog, happiness and your dog can live longer because of this. Note that tartar and plaque do not just cause bad breath. It can also result to losing its teeth and serious dental problems. Dental issues can even lead to painful infections and life-threatening diseases. It is as serious as damaging your dog’s heart, liver and kidneys.

When brushing your dog’s teeth, do not use the brush that humans use. There are brushes designed for your dog’s teeth and this is always available in the market as well as its toothpaste. Toothbrush of humans is too harsh for them as the bristles are not as soft and gentle as theirs.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Just like nail trimming, ensure that this activity is an enjoyable one for your canine. A treat afterward will be beneficial for both parties. This way, he will also look forward to this activity.

Dog grooming should not be a difficult task for both of you and your canine. Do this activity in a positive and enjoyable way.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Summer season may be great to both dogs and humans as this means that there is more time to play and exercise outdoors. However, this is also a crucial season for your dog if you do not take care of him properly. As during this season, dogs can really feel the heat thus, they are susceptible to heat stroke. And we all know that in the dog world, a heat stroke is a life threatening situation. To prevent heat strokes from happening to your dog, below are some tips you can always put to mind and follow.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

A Good Access to Water

During summer, your dog will need a constant access to water to keep them cool. Ready a water to drink for your dog in a bowl. If you see that your dog can finish a bowl of water quickly, then opt for a larger bowl. If you do not have large bowls at home, just go and give a few more bowls of water. Now, if you live with others in the house, take turns in checking the bowl of your dog and refill with water as needed. The key here is to ensure that your dog has water to drink anytime of the day or whenever the dog feels doing so.

Another thing to do in keeping your dog cool is to frequently give a dog bath. You can bathe your dog a few times than the usual or you can set up a dog bath in your home. Set up a small wading pool or a basin of water where your dog can jump into whenever he feels that the heat is too much to bear. Or if you do not want a wading pool, you can always turn on your sprinklers in the garden. It will not just water your plants but this will also give access to your dog to water. He may just run into it and wet himself.

Now, when you are going for a wading pool, make sure that the pool is not deep enough and is just enough for your dog to take a dip. A deeper pool may result to your dog drowning from it. The dog should be able to stand on the bottom of the pool.

Since it is summer and you like to go outside, play or take a walk, you might as well bring water for your pet. A good access to drinking water will also help prevent dehydration to your dog. If you sense that your dog is panting or is a bit sluggish, take it to a shady area and offer some water to drink. If your dog will not drink the water, pour the water over its body to release the heat and ease the body temperature.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Keeping It Cool Sans the Water

As much as you want to go outside and play, let your dog stay in the coolest part of your house during the hottest hours of the day. You may place him in an air conditioned room. If you have a basement, you may also like to put him there to take him away from the heat as basements tend to be cool. Just put an electric fan to make it extra cool for your dog. There is no ideal temperature for a dog but between 81 and 85 degrees is a bit of a challenge to a dog.

If your dog is not allowed to stay indoors, make sure that he has a lot of shade to hide from the heat. Transfer the cage in a shaded area or best if it is under a tree. Or you can also give your dog a cooling pad where he can rest while he is not playing or walking around the house. A cooling pad is available in the market that you can always buy for your pet. The gels from the pad will help draw the heat out from the dog’s body. Else, if you feel that buying a cooling pad is too much, you can also just lay a damp towel where your dog can lay on.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Also, avoid talking walks during midday. Midday is the time when the sun is at its peak thus the heat is also too much for you and your dog. If you want to take your dog out for a walk, do this early in the morning where the cool breeze from dawn can still be felt and the sun is still not shining brightly. If the sun is a bit up already, opt to walk in a place where it is shady and have many trees. This way, the walk will still be cooler though the sun is up already. Avoid walking in hot pavement also as this may burn your pet’s paw and can cause serious injury. If you really want to take your dog for a walk, do it in the afternoon when the sun is already setting or better yet, do it at night where it is cooler than the day.

Should you wish to take your dog with you when you are out shopping, never leave your dog inside the car on a parking lot. Leave him in a parked car if he has someone with him. When you are traveling with him, ensure that there is air conditioner else, open up the windows. This is because a car’s heat levels rise too quickly and can kill your dog if you leave him inside.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Lastly, apart from giving him enough water and giving him a comfortable and cool place to stay in during the hot days, visit the groomer and clip your dog’s coat. Keeping it short will help keep the dog cool on summers. But, be sure that the groomer will not shave its entire coat leaving his skin exposed directly to the sun. Shaving everything will likely give your dog sun burns. Just tell the groomer to cut it short and just enough to keep him comfortable in summers.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

Dogs who love to play outdoors are prone to have fleas. But did you know that there is a way to get rid of these dog fleas aside from proper pet grooming? Did you know that you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of ticks and fleas? Yes, you read it right. The acidic smell and taste of the vinegar is something that the fleas and ticks hate. So, frequently spraying your dog with this mix will prevent insects from taking over the coat of your dog. This is a good alternative too if your pet especially if your pet is allergic or sensitive to chemicals. To create your own apple cider flea repellant, follow the steps below.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

First: Make the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Solution

Pouring the ACV directly to your pet’s skin or coat can irritate her skin; that is why you need to create a milder, diluted solution. Mix 1 quart warm water, 1 ounce Castille soap and a cup of ACV. This mid and diluted solution is strong enough to rid away the fleas but mild enough for your pet. The smell is mild too; you will not even smell the traces of ACV afterwards.

If you want a more pleasant smell, you can also opt to add natural oils to the solution. You can always add two to three drops of cedar or lavender oil or any scent of your choice. This way, you did not just eradicate the ticks and fleas, you will also leave your pet smelling good. You can also add two ounces of aloe vera on top of the oils as well. The aloe vera will help moisturize your pet’s skin.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

If your pet has a sensitive skin and you think the ACV solution is too harsh for him, you can always modify the mixture. You can do this by lessening the ACV and adding more water or soap.

Second: Protect Yourself by Wearing Long-sleeved Clothing and Gloves

Do not forget that ticks and fleas do not just suck the blood of your pet but they also bite humans too! That is why it is important that you protect yourself also. Wear long pants as well when treating your pet. This way, you are sure that the fleas and ticks will not come into contact to your skin and will not bite you. You may also want to tie your pants with a band just around the ankles to prevent the ticks from biting you there.

Third: Treat Your Pet with Your Homemade Solution

To treat your pet properly, saturate your pet with the solution completely covering every part of her. To make the solution go deeper to your dog’s skin and not just on the coat, use your fingers. You can also massage your dog too while working on the solution. By this time the Castille soap will already produce some suds. Make sure to lather your pet well and work it towards your pet’s skin too. Leave the solution for a minimum of ten minutes to make it work.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

When working with the solution, make sure that you do not include the eyes as the ACV solution can irritate the eyes. When you are working with live ticks and fleas, do the treatment outside to prevent any infestation in your home. Or if you cannot go outside, do it inside a bath tub. If your dog is suffering from a serious case of flea infestation, you can always treat your dog for a second round. Giving him a double treatment. Repeat the process every week to completely rid of the ticks.

Fourth: Get Rid of Fleas by Using a Flea Comb

Working from section to section, comb your dog to remove the fleas before rinsing the solution off your pet’s skin and coat. Every time you comb your dog, dip the comb in a bowl of soapy water to remove the fleas from the comb. The fleas should be removed easily since the fleas will be the one to voluntarily get away from your pet due to the smell of the ACV. Comb your pet properly to also get rid of the fleas thoroughly. Once you are done combing, rinse your pet and wash away the solution thoroughly with warm water.

If your pet has a thick coat, it is best if you wash your pet thoroughly. Then, apply again the solution for another round of removing the parasites from your dog’s body. A second treatment ensures that your dog is properly treated and that the fleas are totally removed.

Also, when combing your pet, always make sure that you are using a comb that is really designed to remove ticks and fleas. Note that a regular comb will not effectively remove the fleas as well as its eggs. Thus, making your effort of making the solution and doing the treatment deemed useless.

Lastly, Check for Ticks and Remove Them Properly

When you are combing your pet, though fleas will be removed, there are some that are so stubborn that cannot be removed from just combing. Check the skin and as you massage your pet and comb it, check for tiny bumps. Because usually this is an indication that a flea is still there. Remove the flea carefully by using a pair of tweezers. Get the tick away from your pet’s skin carefully by not twisting or crushing the tick. Your aim is not to kill or crush the tick. After removing the fleas from the dog’s skin, disinfect this by rubbing a rubbing alcohol to ensure that your pet will not get infected. Place all the ticks in a plastic bag, seal it and throw it away. If see that your dog is suffering from infection due to ticks and fleas, bring your pet to the veterinarian to have it checked and be prescribed the right ointment or medication.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

Monitor your pet after treatment. Check if there is swelling, redness or illness. Should any of it occur, bring your pet immediately to the vet.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Dogs, when treated properly may become your most faithful companion. It will love you no matter who you are and will love you unconditionally. These creatures may be loyal until their last breath, they also need proper care and you, as the owner should be responsible for it. If you are a first time owner, these essential ways to take care of your dog may help you out.

Dog Identification

Just like us humans, dogs should have proper identification too. Give your pet a name that suits you and/or your dog. Give your dog a collar with a name tag on it for easier identification. This should provide indication to the authorities that the dog has an owner. You may also opt to put your identification in your dog’s tag as well as your contact number. Reason being, even if you are very careful and watchful, there may still be cases where your dog may be lost. An easier way to retrieve your pet back is to give the founder a way to contact you.

If you have enough money, you may also go for giving your dog microchip identification. You may course this through your veterinarian. This way, even if you lost your dog and the collar has been removed, you can still locate your dog. The veterinarian or the animal shelter can do a scan and locate you.

Secure Your Dog Properly

When you are not on your property and no one will keep an eye on your dog, it is best if you keep your dog secure. You can either put him on a leash or inside his cage. Do not let him just roam around freely especially if you do not have a fence. This way, your dog will not be stolen and/or be taken away by animal shelter due to negligence.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Groom Your Dog

It is a given that you need to do some pet grooming for your animal. Grooming is a sure sign on how well taken cared your dog is. Visit the groomer every now and then for a haircut, bath, tooth brush and nail clipping. Keep your dog clean for a fun and enjoyable way of spending time with him.

Follow Local Dog Laws

There are different laws regarding dogs in every place. So make sure to check it out. Some requires the dog to be registered. This is a good way in knowing as well where to get vaccines and which type of vaccine is required aside from the basics.

Schedule Regular Trips to the Veterinarian for Regular Check Ups

If you have no veterinarian in mind yet, try visiting your animal shelter for any recommendations. Usually, they will give you the best ones and those that are accredited within your place and by far meeting the standards. Regular visits to the vet ensure that your dog is healthy and vaccines are being shot at correct intervals and dates. This will also help ensure that your dog will not suffer from any diseases such as Parvo – a killer disease for dogs. Regular visits will also make sure that your dog is up to date in taking the anti-rabies shot, an important shot for dogs.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Provide Ample Water and a Well-Balanced Diet

Dogs are like humans. They also need water and food. What’s more, they need to also be engaged in a well-balanced diet. To know the diet of your dog, better ask the opinion of your vet. Some dogs would only require eating once a day, others are to eat twice and so on. It all depends on the breed of your dog. Note also that the dietary requirement of your dog changes as he grows older. Better be mindful of that. Regular visits to the vet can solve this matter too.

Engage Your Dog to Trainings

Training your dog can go a long way. Positive training can help you to control your dog’s behavior in a safe and humane way. Potty training your dog can also help you ensure that your dog urinates and defecates in a proper place.

Neuter or Spay Your Dog

If you do not want your pet numbers increase or multiply, you can always spay or neuter your dog. You can visit your veterinarian and have this procedure done. This way, you can also help in contributing to the anti-pet overpopulation campaign. Also, it has been known that according to studies, a neutered dog tend to live healthier, have fewer behavior problems (biting, running away, etc.) and lives longer.

Exercise Your Dog

To keep your dog physically fit and healthy, you may do so through exercising. Exercise can be as simple as playing with your dog and walking him in the park twice a day. You can play fetch with him or you can take him with you while you jog in the morning as well. It will serve as an exercise for you both and you two will also be physically fit. Letting your dog exercise will also help him remain positive and his temperament good. Since you are drowning your dog’s energy, this will also ensure that your dog will not be hyperactive during the day.

Be Patient, Loyal and Faithful To Your Dog

Just like dealing with other people, you must also be patient, loyal and faithful to your dog. You must understand that your dog cannot understand you properly even if they can read your emotions. Remember that when your dog throws tantrums, it is not just because he has behavioral problems. Sometimes, this indicates or is a sign that your dog may be suffering from health issues.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Dealing with your dog is just like dealing with humans. It is also just like dealing with relationships. You both should have a give and take relationship. Your dog will give you company, you should in turn provide attention to your pet. His needs are just minimal – exercise, proper pet grooming, balance diet and a fun loving owner who can play with him and love him just the same.