Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Dogs, when treated properly may become your most faithful companion. It will love you no matter who you are and will love you unconditionally. These creatures may be loyal until their last breath, they also need proper care and you, as the owner should be responsible for it. If you are a first time owner, these essential ways to take care of your dog may help you out.

Dog Identification

Just like us humans, dogs should have proper identification too. Give your pet a name that suits you and/or your dog. Give your dog a collar with a name tag on it for easier identification. This should provide indication to the authorities that the dog has an owner. You may also opt to put your identification in your dog’s tag as well as your contact number. Reason being, even if you are very careful and watchful, there may still be cases where your dog may be lost. An easier way to retrieve your pet back is to give the founder a way to contact you.

If you have enough money, you may also go for giving your dog microchip identification. You may course this through your veterinarian. This way, even if you lost your dog and the collar has been removed, you can still locate your dog. The veterinarian or the animal shelter can do a scan and locate you.

Secure Your Dog Properly

When you are not on your property and no one will keep an eye on your dog, it is best if you keep your dog secure. You can either put him on a leash or inside his cage. Do not let him just roam around freely especially if you do not have a fence. This way, your dog will not be stolen and/or be taken away by animal shelter due to negligence.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Groom Your Dog

It is a given that you need to do some pet grooming for your animal. Grooming is a sure sign on how well taken cared your dog is. Visit the groomer every now and then for a haircut, bath, tooth brush and nail clipping. Keep your dog clean for a fun and enjoyable way of spending time with him.

Follow Local Dog Laws

There are different laws regarding dogs in every place. So make sure to check it out. Some requires the dog to be registered. This is a good way in knowing as well where to get vaccines and which type of vaccine is required aside from the basics.

Schedule Regular Trips to the Veterinarian for Regular Check Ups

If you have no veterinarian in mind yet, try visiting your animal shelter for any recommendations. Usually, they will give you the best ones and those that are accredited within your place and by far meeting the standards. Regular visits to the vet ensure that your dog is healthy and vaccines are being shot at correct intervals and dates. This will also help ensure that your dog will not suffer from any diseases such as Parvo – a killer disease for dogs. Regular visits will also make sure that your dog is up to date in taking the anti-rabies shot, an important shot for dogs.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Provide Ample Water and a Well-Balanced Diet

Dogs are like humans. They also need water and food. What’s more, they need to also be engaged in a well-balanced diet. To know the diet of your dog, better ask the opinion of your vet. Some dogs would only require eating once a day, others are to eat twice and so on. It all depends on the breed of your dog. Note also that the dietary requirement of your dog changes as he grows older. Better be mindful of that. Regular visits to the vet can solve this matter too.

Engage Your Dog to Trainings

Training your dog can go a long way. Positive training can help you to control your dog’s behavior in a safe and humane way. Potty training your dog can also help you ensure that your dog urinates and defecates in a proper place.

Neuter or Spay Your Dog

If you do not want your pet numbers increase or multiply, you can always spay or neuter your dog. You can visit your veterinarian and have this procedure done. This way, you can also help in contributing to the anti-pet overpopulation campaign. Also, it has been known that according to studies, a neutered dog tend to live healthier, have fewer behavior problems (biting, running away, etc.) and lives longer.

Exercise Your Dog

To keep your dog physically fit and healthy, you may do so through exercising. Exercise can be as simple as playing with your dog and walking him in the park twice a day. You can play fetch with him or you can take him with you while you jog in the morning as well. It will serve as an exercise for you both and you two will also be physically fit. Letting your dog exercise will also help him remain positive and his temperament good. Since you are drowning your dog’s energy, this will also ensure that your dog will not be hyperactive during the day.

Be Patient, Loyal and Faithful To Your Dog

Just like dealing with other people, you must also be patient, loyal and faithful to your dog. You must understand that your dog cannot understand you properly even if they can read your emotions. Remember that when your dog throws tantrums, it is not just because he has behavioral problems. Sometimes, this indicates or is a sign that your dog may be suffering from health issues.

Essentials in Caring for a Dog

Dealing with your dog is just like dealing with humans. It is also just like dealing with relationships. You both should have a give and take relationship. Your dog will give you company, you should in turn provide attention to your pet. His needs are just minimal – exercise, proper pet grooming, balance diet and a fun loving owner who can play with him and love him just the same.

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