How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

Dogs who love to play outdoors are prone to have fleas. But did you know that there is a way to get rid of these dog fleas aside from proper pet grooming? Did you know that you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of ticks and fleas? Yes, you read it right. The acidic smell and taste of the vinegar is something that the fleas and ticks hate. So, frequently spraying your dog with this mix will prevent insects from taking over the coat of your dog. This is a good alternative too if your pet especially if your pet is allergic or sensitive to chemicals. To create your own apple cider flea repellant, follow the steps below.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

First: Make the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Solution

Pouring the ACV directly to your pet’s skin or coat can irritate her skin; that is why you need to create a milder, diluted solution. Mix 1 quart warm water, 1 ounce Castille soap and a cup of ACV. This mid and diluted solution is strong enough to rid away the fleas but mild enough for your pet. The smell is mild too; you will not even smell the traces of ACV afterwards.

If you want a more pleasant smell, you can also opt to add natural oils to the solution. You can always add two to three drops of cedar or lavender oil or any scent of your choice. This way, you did not just eradicate the ticks and fleas, you will also leave your pet smelling good. You can also add two ounces of aloe vera on top of the oils as well. The aloe vera will help moisturize your pet’s skin.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

If your pet has a sensitive skin and you think the ACV solution is too harsh for him, you can always modify the mixture. You can do this by lessening the ACV and adding more water or soap.

Second: Protect Yourself by Wearing Long-sleeved Clothing and Gloves

Do not forget that ticks and fleas do not just suck the blood of your pet but they also bite humans too! That is why it is important that you protect yourself also. Wear long pants as well when treating your pet. This way, you are sure that the fleas and ticks will not come into contact to your skin and will not bite you. You may also want to tie your pants with a band just around the ankles to prevent the ticks from biting you there.

Third: Treat Your Pet with Your Homemade Solution

To treat your pet properly, saturate your pet with the solution completely covering every part of her. To make the solution go deeper to your dog’s skin and not just on the coat, use your fingers. You can also massage your dog too while working on the solution. By this time the Castille soap will already produce some suds. Make sure to lather your pet well and work it towards your pet’s skin too. Leave the solution for a minimum of ten minutes to make it work.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

When working with the solution, make sure that you do not include the eyes as the ACV solution can irritate the eyes. When you are working with live ticks and fleas, do the treatment outside to prevent any infestation in your home. Or if you cannot go outside, do it inside a bath tub. If your dog is suffering from a serious case of flea infestation, you can always treat your dog for a second round. Giving him a double treatment. Repeat the process every week to completely rid of the ticks.

Fourth: Get Rid of Fleas by Using a Flea Comb

Working from section to section, comb your dog to remove the fleas before rinsing the solution off your pet’s skin and coat. Every time you comb your dog, dip the comb in a bowl of soapy water to remove the fleas from the comb. The fleas should be removed easily since the fleas will be the one to voluntarily get away from your pet due to the smell of the ACV. Comb your pet properly to also get rid of the fleas thoroughly. Once you are done combing, rinse your pet and wash away the solution thoroughly with warm water.

If your pet has a thick coat, it is best if you wash your pet thoroughly. Then, apply again the solution for another round of removing the parasites from your dog’s body. A second treatment ensures that your dog is properly treated and that the fleas are totally removed.

Also, when combing your pet, always make sure that you are using a comb that is really designed to remove ticks and fleas. Note that a regular comb will not effectively remove the fleas as well as its eggs. Thus, making your effort of making the solution and doing the treatment deemed useless.

Lastly, Check for Ticks and Remove Them Properly

When you are combing your pet, though fleas will be removed, there are some that are so stubborn that cannot be removed from just combing. Check the skin and as you massage your pet and comb it, check for tiny bumps. Because usually this is an indication that a flea is still there. Remove the flea carefully by using a pair of tweezers. Get the tick away from your pet’s skin carefully by not twisting or crushing the tick. Your aim is not to kill or crush the tick. After removing the fleas from the dog’s skin, disinfect this by rubbing a rubbing alcohol to ensure that your pet will not get infected. Place all the ticks in a plastic bag, seal it and throw it away. If see that your dog is suffering from infection due to ticks and fleas, bring your pet to the veterinarian to have it checked and be prescribed the right ointment or medication.

How to Remove Dog Fleas and Ticks

Monitor your pet after treatment. Check if there is swelling, redness or illness. Should any of it occur, bring your pet immediately to the vet.

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