Keeping Your Dog Cool

Summer season may be great to both dogs and humans as this means that there is more time to play and exercise outdoors. However, this is also a crucial season for your dog if you do not take care of him properly. As during this season, dogs can really feel the heat thus, they are susceptible to heat stroke. And we all know that in the dog world, a heat stroke is a life threatening situation. To prevent heat strokes from happening to your dog, below are some tips you can always put to mind and follow.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

A Good Access to Water

During summer, your dog will need a constant access to water to keep them cool. Ready a water to drink for your dog in a bowl. If you see that your dog can finish a bowl of water quickly, then opt for a larger bowl. If you do not have large bowls at home, just go and give a few more bowls of water. Now, if you live with others in the house, take turns in checking the bowl of your dog and refill with water as needed. The key here is to ensure that your dog has water to drink anytime of the day or whenever the dog feels doing so.

Another thing to do in keeping your dog cool is to frequently give a dog bath. You can bathe your dog a few times than the usual or you can set up a dog bath in your home. Set up a small wading pool or a basin of water where your dog can jump into whenever he feels that the heat is too much to bear. Or if you do not want a wading pool, you can always turn on your sprinklers in the garden. It will not just water your plants but this will also give access to your dog to water. He may just run into it and wet himself.

Now, when you are going for a wading pool, make sure that the pool is not deep enough and is just enough for your dog to take a dip. A deeper pool may result to your dog drowning from it. The dog should be able to stand on the bottom of the pool.

Since it is summer and you like to go outside, play or take a walk, you might as well bring water for your pet. A good access to drinking water will also help prevent dehydration to your dog. If you sense that your dog is panting or is a bit sluggish, take it to a shady area and offer some water to drink. If your dog will not drink the water, pour the water over its body to release the heat and ease the body temperature.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Keeping It Cool Sans the Water

As much as you want to go outside and play, let your dog stay in the coolest part of your house during the hottest hours of the day. You may place him in an air conditioned room. If you have a basement, you may also like to put him there to take him away from the heat as basements tend to be cool. Just put an electric fan to make it extra cool for your dog. There is no ideal temperature for a dog but between 81 and 85 degrees is a bit of a challenge to a dog.

If your dog is not allowed to stay indoors, make sure that he has a lot of shade to hide from the heat. Transfer the cage in a shaded area or best if it is under a tree. Or you can also give your dog a cooling pad where he can rest while he is not playing or walking around the house. A cooling pad is available in the market that you can always buy for your pet. The gels from the pad will help draw the heat out from the dog’s body. Else, if you feel that buying a cooling pad is too much, you can also just lay a damp towel where your dog can lay on.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Also, avoid talking walks during midday. Midday is the time when the sun is at its peak thus the heat is also too much for you and your dog. If you want to take your dog out for a walk, do this early in the morning where the cool breeze from dawn can still be felt and the sun is still not shining brightly. If the sun is a bit up already, opt to walk in a place where it is shady and have many trees. This way, the walk will still be cooler though the sun is up already. Avoid walking in hot pavement also as this may burn your pet’s paw and can cause serious injury. If you really want to take your dog for a walk, do it in the afternoon when the sun is already setting or better yet, do it at night where it is cooler than the day.

Should you wish to take your dog with you when you are out shopping, never leave your dog inside the car on a parking lot. Leave him in a parked car if he has someone with him. When you are traveling with him, ensure that there is air conditioner else, open up the windows. This is because a car’s heat levels rise too quickly and can kill your dog if you leave him inside.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Lastly, apart from giving him enough water and giving him a comfortable and cool place to stay in during the hot days, visit the groomer and clip your dog’s coat. Keeping it short will help keep the dog cool on summers. But, be sure that the groomer will not shave its entire coat leaving his skin exposed directly to the sun. Shaving everything will likely give your dog sun burns. Just tell the groomer to cut it short and just enough to keep him comfortable in summers.

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