Basics of Dog Grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Nothing beats a tidy, good-smelling dog; especially if all you want to do is cuddle him and play with him indoors. Isn’t it also nice to parade him around looking fresh and trimmed? Below are the essential ways of dog grooming.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Brush Your Dog

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat will help prevent him from frequently shedding and you can also assess your dog’s health and the state of his body. Through brushing, you may be able to check if there are lumps, if there are fleece and if there is something wrong with the shape of the dog’s body. The ultimate aim of brushing is to keep your dog’s coat in good condition and tangle-free. However the frequency of brushing depends on the coat of your dog and how much it sheds.

If your dog sheds a lot, you might want to use shed-control shampoo. Wash your dog once a week until the shedding reduces. If your dog has fleece, you should shampoo your dog using the anti-fleece shampoo. In other words, use a shampoo that best fits the needs of your pet.

Always Trim Your Dog’s Nails

To keep your dog’s paws healthy, it is important to trim its nails regularly. This may seem to be difficult and challenging, but with a little practice and more patience, this activity will be a breeze to you. If it is your first time, take it steady and slow. Make sure to only cut the nails outside of the quick. The quick is the inner part of the nail that is still alive. So just cut the tips. If you accidentally cut the quick, you may find it difficult and your dog is also hesitant to have its nail cut.

To make dog nail cutting easier, make it a fun activity for him. Once your dog’s nails have been clipped already, do not forget to give him a treat. Also, no matter how difficult and struggling this activity is for you, keep a positive energy and make it enjoyable for him. Remember that your dog can sense frustration and other emotions. Showing this part to him may make him hesitant the next time. Once he is enjoying and knows there is a treat waiting for him, this activity is something that he will look forward to.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Clean the Coat of Your Dog

Dog bathing is an important activity in dog grooming. Remember that dirty coat may lead to your dog suffering from secondary skin infections. Risking your dog to this may lead to serious health issues in the future. Dog bathing depends on the breed and activities. If you and your pet is highly active and loves to play outdoors or if your dog loves to play in the mud, bathing him with a mild shampoo should be a bit frequent that those dogs who only stay indoors.

Also, keep in mind that while your dog’s coat may grow beautifully, this is still subject to the groomer for trimming. Have your dog’s coat regularly trimmed so as not to give discomfort to your dog. Remember that the longer your dog’s coat is, this may cause irritation to its toes and may also cause him to not seeing properly due to its long coat. And since the coat is too long from not trimming, the coat may sweep debris like grass and sticks which may then cause discomfort to your pet.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Do Not Forget Your Dogs Ears

It is not just humans who need ear cleaning. Your dog needs this too! Inspecting the ears of your dog regularly can help you pinpoint your dog’s health immediately. Cleaning your dog’s ears is fairly simple as long as it does not suffer from infections or damaged. To know if your dog has infections, look for any thick waxy material, scabs or wounds, drainage of fluid from the ear or any scratches. If you see this, head to your vet immediately and stop the cleaning of the ears.

To clean your dog’s ears at home, mix equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Make sure that it is at room temperature. Dip a cotton ball or a cloth into the mixture; make sure that the cloth or cotton is not dripping wet. If it is, wring the cloth and remove the excess mixture. Gently swab it inside your dog’s ear flap. Make sure to gently clean it as rubbing alcohol can sting any broken skin.

If you are not comfortable in doing this, you may always visit his veterinarian or groomer to have his ears cleaned. Also, if you think that the vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixture is too harsh for your dog, there are commercial ear cleaning solutions you can always purchase in the market today.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

An important part of the overall pet grooming process is brushing the teeth of your dog. Keeping your dog’s breath good is an important reason to brush it regularly. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can give lots of benefits too aside from a fresh breath. It can boost the health of your dog, happiness and your dog can live longer because of this. Note that tartar and plaque do not just cause bad breath. It can also result to losing its teeth and serious dental problems. Dental issues can even lead to painful infections and life-threatening diseases. It is as serious as damaging your dog’s heart, liver and kidneys.

When brushing your dog’s teeth, do not use the brush that humans use. There are brushes designed for your dog’s teeth and this is always available in the market as well as its toothpaste. Toothbrush of humans is too harsh for them as the bristles are not as soft and gentle as theirs.

Basics of Dog Grooming

Just like nail trimming, ensure that this activity is an enjoyable one for your canine. A treat afterward will be beneficial for both parties. This way, he will also look forward to this activity.

Dog grooming should not be a difficult task for both of you and your canine. Do this activity in a positive and enjoyable way.

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